I N F O !

Welcome to antibiottics – music discovery! Here, you can explore new music and discover new artists.

The name is a wordplay on “antibiotic” and “dj ottic” the creator of this site. We believe that enjoying good music can have a healing effect on the body, mind, and soul and music can help just like medicine.

In the TRENDS section, our algorithm finds new tracks based on changes in streaming activity on YouTube and Spotify, providing a Global Pop Trends snapshot of what is currently happening in the music world. If you are an artist, you can also promote your own music under Promoted Trends by signing up for our Artist Promotion Service.

We have 20 carefully CURATED PLAYLISTS that reflect the personal taste of DJ Ottic, including a wide range of genres, from electronic music, folk, jazz and classical to indie, metal and rock. As a musician you can register for our Artist Promotion Service and submit tracks for consideration for free.

Our NEW RELEASES section features fresh releases in 50 different music genres updated every week, including more uncommon sounds like music from Asia, Psych & Prog Rock, Gothic & New Wave, Video Game Music or Australian Indie to name just a few.

Under SERVICES, you can subscribe to Music Discovery Signals, an ideal source for influencers, journalists, playlist curators and music enthusiasts. Enjoy hand-picked music recommendations based on your interests free of charge.

For musicians, we offer the Artist Promotion Service where we send your music to perfectly matching media partners, playlist curators, and influencers. The sign-up process is free, and you will be billed according to the service you choose. Music submissions and our Music Promotion Signals Newsletter will be completely free of charge after registration even you don’t buy any paid services.

If you need music for a location like a restaurant, bar, shopping mall, gym or any other place Sound Spaces is a great service for you. We build the perfect playlist that matches the atmosphere of your location and update it regularly with new tracks. Join for free and get high quality location based music recommendations.

Thank you for your interest in antibiottics – music discovery. We hope you have a fantastic time exploring new sounds from around the world!